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A New Vision for Heyford Park – A Review of the New Masterplan

Dorchester Living Ltd has unveiled exciting plans for an expanded Heyford Park.

The new masterplan, which includes the proposals for 1,600 new homes including 480 affordable properties and 1,500 new jobs, will firmly place Heyford Park on the map within Oxfordshire.

A new masterplan for Heyford Park arose following the strategic allocation of Heyford Park as a housing delivery site in the Cherwell Local Plan 2011-2031. Consequently, this masterplan has been developed to showcase the next phase of growth for Heyford Park, with Dorchester focusing on placemaking as it aims to make Heyford Park one of the most desirable new developments within the housebuilding industry.

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Heyford Park became a realistic proposition in 2010 after Dorchester Living was successful in securing planning permission for an initial 1,075 homes and investment in social infrastructure, which is now well underway in construction. This masterplan takes into account a number of key aspects of Heyford Park and aims to build on the foundations already in place at Heyford Park to further enhance the site. An increased heritage offering, transport improvements, an expanded retail offer, expansion of Heyford Park Free School, and community facilities including the proposal of a GP surgery are all proposed contributions alongside the residential and employment plans, and reveal that an holistic vision has been adopted from Dorchester Living when developing the future plans for Heyford Park.

Sarah McCready, Head of Social Infrastructure at Dorchester Living, described the new masterplan as “a pioneering opportunity in Heyford’s history to provide true accessibility to the heritage of the airfield for local residents. The additional homes also allow for greater improvements to Heyford’s social infrastructure, ensuring our sub-hub status for the local community can be cemented by providing more amenities. New employment will be bespoke to Oxfordshire’s economic context by producing a hub for the county’s dispersed creative industries. This will be a sustainable community – with more than one job per household – where residents can live, work and play at Heyford Park”.

Heyford Park is a vibrant community, with a blend of urban and rural features combining to form an exquisite multi-use development in Oxfordshire. With excellent transport links to major economic hubs of London and Birmingham via the M40, as well as access to local Oxford and Bicester, Heyford Park represents a highly desirable place to live and work. This new masterplan further accentuates Heyford Park’s uniqueness, with a residential scheme in such close proximity to an outstanding heritage offering.

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