Customer Services

Heyford Park New homes development customer care

Once you have legally completed, we will give you some time to settle in to your new home. To make sure your move has gone as smoothly as possible, you will receive two visits from the Dorchester Living Site Management during your first four weeks of occupation. These are as follows:

7 Day Inspection: After giving you one week to settle in, your Site Manager will make a brief courtesy visit to check that everything is OK. The Site Manager will be able to go over anything you may have missed from the Home Demonstration, and if there are any minor issues will make sure they are resolved as soon as possible.

28 Day InspectionOn this visit, your Site Manager should merely be checking that you are happy with everything we’ve done and that there are no issues to address. You will then move over to our Warranty & Customer Care Programme, and will be given a direct phone number for our Customer Care team.

The Customer Care team will be on-hand to respond to any problems from customers, and will be available on a 24/7 basis for emergencies.