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Masterplan unveiled to Heyford

A number of community engagement sessions have been held regarding the new masterplan for Heyford Park.

The masterplan, which has been developed by Dorchester Living and is still in the development stage, was unveiled to Heyford’s community and surrounding neighbourhoods by hosting three engagement sessions to ensure that the masterplan incorporates thoughts and opinions from the community.

Community opinion and input is recognised as an integral aspect of Heyford Park’s development, and consequently community engagement events for the new masterplan were seen as crucial to the masterplan’s development and finalisation.

Dorchester Living hosted the three engagement sessions, two of which were in Heyford Community Hall, whilst the third session was held in the specialisms campus of Heyford Park Free School. All three sessions were well attended by residents, with more than 180 people attending in total. Dorchester Living presented the new masterplan in the form of eleven content display boards, categorised into the key proposals of the masterplan, allowing attendees to discover the features of the masterplan at their leisure. Among the proposals are an increased heritage offering, transport improvements, high quality local employment, an increased education provision and health facilities.


Residents who attended appeared to be impressed by the scale of the proposals for Heyford Park and the potential that the area has in terms of becoming a destination. In fact, 85% of the responses via the feedback forms which were available to complete at the three sessions were broadly in support of the proposals of the new masterplan.

For more information regarding the new masterplan for Heyford Park, visit the planning downloads section of the website to access the masterplan map, the content from the community engagement sessions and other documents related to the masterplan.

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