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Heyford park Football Club

Heyford Park Football Club

To celebrate the incredible community at Heyford Park, we have spoken to different community group leaders and asked them questions about the group/activity they run.

Heyford Park Football club is a testament to the community, the dedication Chris Masters and the rest of the committee, the volunteers and players put in is inspiring. Heyford Park Football Club brings football to so many local children and encouraging players at all levels, ages and gender. The club has grown into something very special, which the whole community is so proud of.

We asked Chris Masters a few questions about Heyford Park Football Club…

How was Heyford Park Football Club started?

Heyford Park Football Club was started in 2019, following a conversation between myself and Dorchester Livings CEO, Paul Silver regarding bringing football to Heyford Park.

I put a plea out for some support and was quickly joined by a number of other teams from the local area that wanted to put football for their child at the heart of everything we do. We were very lucky to have some fantastic volunteers to get the club up and running which started with:

  • Eddie Duggan, Chairman
  • Stuart Simpson, Vice Chairman
  • Euan Cameron, Secretary
  • Jo McMahon, Treasurer
  • Myself, Community Office
  • Pete Clark, Development officer
  • Sarah Smith, Welfare officer 

What benefits to do you see Heyford Park Football Club bringing to the local community?

Heyford Park Football Club has grown into a thriving club which brings football to over 250 local children across 18 different teams and age groups. It is so important that all children, regardless of age, gender and experience are given the safe space of a sporting community, where they can stay active and be part of a team.

We strongly encourage all children to get involved with Football and give it a try, with this in mind we have successful launched our rising stars football sessions and wildcats football sessions which brings football to 4–6-year-olds and 5–11-year-old girls free of charge. 

We know that Heyford Park Football Club keeps the local community at the heart of what it does, please may you tell us a little bit more about this?

As the club has expanded, we have focussed on our local community and have also been able to donate money to a number of local charities and gift the school with sports and playground equipment. 

What are some recent successes?

Not only are we a community focused club focused on support and encouragement, we also strive for competition success which we have achieved. The club now has many trophies from across different ages groups for winning league and cup competitions… myself along with all the other volunteers, coaches and parents are so proud of what our teams have achieved.

As we have grown, we have also become affiliated by the English Football Association. This is a great step forward for us as a club.

How has the club developed over the years?

The club has grown massively in in 4 years, it has been remarkable – from what was just an idea to an expanding club with over 250 players. There are so many local people and businesses invested and involved in the football club, the support for the club is incredible. It is always great to see kids wearing their Heyford Park Football shirts sponsored by local businesses, Dorchester Living being one of them.

Please tell us a little bit more about being a volunteer and opportunities for people to become volunteers.

Its hard work being a volunteer coach or committee member, but it makes such a difference to the children making them feel part of a team. There is a large amount of work that goes on behind the scenes which is required to keep the club running and developing – this couldn’t be done without our dedicated volunteers.

I would like to give a huge thank you to all the Heyford Park Football Club volunteers, you are amazing.  Please get in touch us via email at [email protected] with the club if you would be willing to volunteer your time or sponsor a team.

For more information about Heyford Park Football Club, visit their website at or email the club at [email protected].

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