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Three to six bedroom homes 

Available Homes

Plot House type Bed Bath Price (£) Phase Status
75 The Lockwood31The SquareReservedview
110 The Fairfax64The Village Green CollectionReservedview
128 The Kensington43The Village Green CollectionReservedview
129 The Kensington43The Village Green CollectionReservedview
143 The Kensington43£454,995The Village Green CollectionAvailableview
159 The Darcy43The GardensShow Home - Now Openview
160 The Ingram43The GardensReservedview
161 The Darcy43The GardensReservedview
173 The Crawford42The GardensShow Home - Now Openview
174 The Wentworth42The GardensShow Home - Now Openview
179 The Darcy43The GardensReservedview
180 The Fairfax64The GardensShow Home - Now Openview
181 The Rushworth54The GardensShow Home - Now Openview
182 The Fairfax64£699,995The GardensAvailableview
184 The Regent42The GardensReservedview
187 The Russell32The GardensReservedview
192 The Regent42The GardensReservedview
196 The Darcy43£574,995The GardensAvailableview
200 The Fairfax64The GardensReservedview
202 The Hunsden53£589,995The GardensAvailableview
203 The Russell32£379,995The GardensAvailableview
223 The Gilbert32The GardensReservedview
226 The Crawford42£429,995The GardensAvailableview
227 The Wentworth42£429,995The GardensAvailableview
230 The Darcy43£569,995The GardensAvailableview
240 The Brandon42The GardensReservedview
241 The Brandon42£429,995The Village Green Collection IIAvailableview
242 The Darcy43£569,995The Village Green Collection IIAvailableview
254 The Russell32£369,995The Village Green Collection IIAvailableview
263 The Gilbert32The Village Green Collection IIReservedview
264 The Regent42£439,995The Village Green Collection IIAvailableview
265 The Darcy43£579,995The Village Green Collection IIAvailableview
266 The Hunsden53£599,995The Village Green Collection IIAvailableview
267 The Hunsden53£589,995The Village Green Collection IIAvailableview