Heyford Park Case Study

Luke James & Zoe Sumner

Luke James and Zoe Sumner, with their son, relocated to Heyford Park in December 2017. The couple moved from their home in Bicester to Heyford Park, where they purchased a 50% share of a three-bedroom property. Mr James tells us why they were so attracted to the development, and why it has proved to be a decision they haven’t looked back on.

“When we first started on our house hunt, we hoped to find a new-build property in a child-friendly environment. Somewhere we would be happy to raise our little boy, accommodate future children and that we would be proud to call home.“Also, high on our criteria was the aim of staying local to Bicester, as it’s an ideal location for our work, family and friends. Heyford Park caught our interest whilst researching the area for developments that included the Help to Buy scheme. We had already heard great things about the area and the development through friends who had recently moved there themselves.“We viewed several properties, including a number of three-bedroom houses and a four bedroom one. We were blown away by the quality of the homes and the size of property available within our budget. Beyond the homes, we also liked the open spaces, friendly village feel and the heritage of the area – all of which led Heyford Park to stand out amongst our other choices.

“We fell in love with our future house quickly. We never anticipated that we would be able to get a three-bedroom, detached house within budget. So, when we saw that it was, we put in our offer straight away.

“Being first time buyers, purchasing a new build property meant that the process was completed in lightning quick time. In the space of around six weeks, we had viewed the house, had our offer accepted and set a moving date. Everyone at Dorchester Living helped the move go smoothly and on the day, the Dorchester team looked after our handover and followed up quickly with customer care check-ins to ensure everything was going well.

“The village offers gorgeous views and lovely walks, when you don’t fancy jumping in the car. We are very much looking forward to the development in the centre of Heyford Park including a convenience store and bistro / pub.

Amongst numerous praises for their experience at Heyford Park, Luke and Zoe have said that they would recommend Heyford Park to others, and that they see themselves living in their home for many years to come.

Dorchester Living – Phase 8b