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High quality new-build homes, for affordable monthly prices

What is Affordable Rental?

Affordable Rentals are a type of social housing introduced by the Government. They are good quality homes, rented at a reduced percentage of the market rent, to make them more affordable for eligible tenants on the Council’s housing register. Affordable Rental homes at Heyford Park will be managed and maintained by Heyford Regeneration.

Am I eligible for an Affordable Rental Home?

To be eligible for Affordable Rental at Heyford Park your household must meet certain income criteria. In this instance your household income must not exceed £60,000 per annum.

Anyone wishing to be considered for an Affordable Rental home at Heyford Park will also need to be registered with Cherwell District Council’s Housing Register.

Allocations Policy
Due to the complex nature of the regeneration project at Heyford Park, Heyford Regeneration and Cherwell District Council have created a Local Lettings Plan that is bespoke to Heyford Park, and that will work alongside the Housing Authority’s Allocations Policy in order to determine priority for the Affordable Rental and Shared Ownership properties that are being built on the site. Please follow the below link to view a copy of our Local Lettings Plan, which contains the details of the Allocations Policy.

Local Lettings Plan

House Exchange - Heyford Regeneration’s Mutual Exchange partner of choice

Have you been thinking about moving home? Maybe it’s for a new job, a bigger place for your family or simply to be closer to loved ones. Whatever the reason, House Exchange can help you.

House Exchange is the new service we use to bring people together who are interested in swapping their homes. There are thousands of people looking to swap their properties right across the UK, so your ideal home may only be a few clicks away.

Enter your details at and the site will match you up with other would-be-swappers. There’s also a free House Exchange App available on the Apple App and Google Play stores; so you can search on the move too!

Important things to consider:

Add photos: You can have up to five photos of your property on your advert, this increases your chances of finding a swap, so make sure each room looks its best in the pictures.

Include a description: House Exchange has a fantastic tool that allows you to create a description by selecting options that apply to your home, or if you prefer, get creative and write your own. You can find both these options in the ‘Update my advert’ area.

Get in touch: Once you’re registered, start messaging people; arranging viewings is a great first step in your House Exchange journey.

Want more information?
Watch the House Exchange YouTube video:

House Exchange YouTube video
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Visit the House Exchange Facebook page:

Interested in Affordable Rental at Heyford Park?

If you are interested in an Affordable Rental home at Heyford Park, you can register your interest with Heyford Regeneration using the link below, or find out more using our FAQ page.

If you think an Affordable Rental product at Heyford Park is right for you, your next step will be to submit an application to Cherwell District Council’s Housing Register. You can use the link below to do this.

Dear Tenant,
We are all living in uncertain times as the full impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic is beginning to be felt around the country. As your landlord we wanted to contact you and let you know that we are working hard to support our community at Heyford Park as much as we can and are also in contact with Cherwell Housing team.

We understand that while most people will continue to get paid by the employers in a few individual circumstances some people may have had their incomes severely impacted. We would therefore ask that anyone who is experiencing the inability to pay rent or utilities due to a significant loss of pay due to the outbreak contacts us as early as possible to discuss their circumstances and we will work with individual tenants and Cherwell to try and fast track any assistance from Cherwell.

It is important that those who are not experiencing a severe change of circumstances as a result of the outbreak continue to pay your rent. This will avoid any enforcement action but will also allow us to focus our resources to people in the community who most need our help at this time of National emergency.

Dorchester Living – Phase 8b