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New bike and coffee shop opens at Heyford Park

New bike and coffee shop opens at Heyford Park

A new independent bike and coffee shop has opened at Heyford Park. 

Heyford Bike Service and Repair was founded earlier this year by local friends Tom and James, who both had a common passion for biking. During the pandemic Tom was unfortunately furloughed from his job and found himself increasingly repairing bikes, which spurred the idea for a new bike and coffee shop. 

Tom explains: “I live locally and have always had a passion for biking. When I was furloughed I started repairing bikes from home and I met James through our local cycling group. We both had an idea to launch a new bike repair shop and wanted to combine it with a really great coffee shop, so we approached Dorchester Living about a space at Heyford Park.”

The shop now offers all types of bike repairs and services, as well as hire bikes and pre-owned bikes for sale. But importantly, the shop also serves as a meeting hub for the community. Alongside the great coffees, Tom and James are planning a range of other events throughout the year. 

“We want the shop to be a place for people to come and hang out, talk bikes and enjoy the space, whilst having a great coffee or a bite to eat. There are not many other bike shops in the area so hopefully we can help a lot of local residents.” says Tom. 

Tom’s now getting to grips with being a new business owner and is keen for visitors to check out the shop if they haven’t already. 

“Like any new business, there is a lot to learn as you go but we are busy and we have had really positive feedback from the community so far. If you like bikes or coffee then come and visit! We’ve also got really fun biking groups from the shop, so if you want to get involved and try it out, you can.”

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