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Heyford Park Play

Heyford Park Play

To celebrate the incredible community at Heyford Park, we have spoken to different community group leaders and asked them questions about the group/activity they run.

Heyford Park Play are a volunteer lead stay and play playgroup. Featuring soft play and ride ons in the big hall, another room features baby scales, a sensory corner, play kitchen, books, toys, and more. It is a fantastic group which allows parents and children to come together in a safe place where they can relax, play and socialise.

We asked Jade Farnworth a few questions about Heyford Park Play…

Why and when was Heyford Park Play started?

We took over Heyford Park Play to continue the ethos of giving back to the community in some way as well as bringing likeminded people together. This is really important to us, and I hope Emma, myself along with our volunteers can continue this for many years to come!

What benefits does Heyford Park Play bring to the community? 

We bring parents together, providing a safe environment for children to play and parents to relax. We aim to develop children’s social skills through interaction with other children, we encourage building friendships and hopefully gives the children the opportunity to make lifetime friendships. Our equipment is also aimed at developing the children’s skills and imagination. 

What’s your favourite memory / highlight? 

There are so many, I love seeing the children’s delight when we lay something new out. For example, Halloween painting crafts, card making, swapping the soft play for Duplo and everybody really enjoyed it. And of course, everyone’s always excited about snack time!

Why do you love Heyford Park Play?

I love Heyford Park Play because we get to spend time playing together, having fun and catching up with new and old friends. There is a big focus on fun, and it always is.

For more information about Heyford Park Play, visit their Facebook page at  Heyford Park Play | Bicester | Facebook

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