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Preserving the natural landscape at Heyford Park is very important to Dorchester Living. There are tree preservation orders in place which enable Dorchester to maintain much of the mature landscape that makes Heyford Park such an attractive place to live.

Dorchester are working alongside Four Acre Ecology to protect local wildlife and habitats. There are three main species that are present at Heyford Park, along with a number of species of birds:

  • Bats – Dorchester Living assessed all buildings prior to demolition for bats and roosts and provided bat boxes in trees around the surrounding demolition area. This is monitored yearly. Dorchester are also installing bat boxes and roosts in the new houses.
  • Ground-nesting birds – Dorchester are putting up cat- and dog-proof fences to protect these birds.
  • Great crested newts – These are most commonly found in the Emergency Water Storages. When these are drained, Dorchester Living ensure that a filter is placed on the pump in order to preserve the newts, and an Ecologist also monitored the removal of water storage tanks and ponds for newts and amphibians.
  • Other Birds - There is a seasonal, phased tree removal so as to not disrupt birds, and Dorchester are also putting bird nest boxes in Phase 2.